Real Estate Lawyer in Schaumburg, IL

The real estate world is a complicated place, which means you want to have an experienced lawyer on your side for every transaction. When you’re a party in a real estate transaction, having the help of a knowledgeable and seasoned real estate attorney will make the entire process run more smoothly for you and your family. 

If you need legal help for your next real estate transaction, our law office can help! Schaumburg real estate lawyer, Robert M. Kaplan, represents buyers and sellers in the greater Chicago area. If you have questions about property law, Mr. Kaplan can assist you in residential and commercial real estate dealings. He also has expertise in areas such as loan modifications, foreclosures, and short sales. 

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Even for seasoned homebuyers and experienced commercial property owners, real estate transactions are often confusing. Amid the chaos, legal guidance from an experienced attorney can help you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease during what can otherwise be a stressful process. 

Here at our Hoffman Estates law firm, we believe that no real estate question is too small, and no real estate transaction is too large. Because Mr. Kaplan has been practicing law in Illinois since 1991, he’s gained extensive experience working with buyers and sellers throughout the state. Our legal team can represent you through anything, whether it’s buying your first home or selling your last office building!

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Representing Homebuyers in Schaumburg 

As a knowledgeable real estate law firm, we help people all over Chicago finalize the purchase of their homes. From condos and townhomes to single-family houses, we’ve seen it all.

Buying a home is a significant commitment. For many people, their home is the most significant investment they will ever make. Yet, so many people go through the home buying process feeling lost and confused and without the help of a knowledgeable legal professional. 

Schaumburg real estate attorney, Robert Kaplan, represents homebuyers who want some extra help understanding the home buying process and the legal terms of their purchasing contracts. Because so many real estate transaction documents are full of “legalese,” it’s beneficial to have a trustworthy attorney who can explain things in simple terms. Sometimes, the boilerplate language found in mortgage documents that sellers have seen a dozen times can leave buyers feeling lost and stressed out. 

Even if you’ve purchased multiple homes in the past, you can still benefit from working with a team of professionals along the way. If you buy a home without the help of an attorney, you run the risk of signing documents at your closing appointment without fully understanding your legal obligations and the “fine print” of the purchase. 

Robert Kaplan, Esq. will review your purchasing contract and suggest changes that can or should be made by the seller before the final version. Additionally, our Schaumburg law office can also help you meet your pre-purchase deadlines, schedule your home inspection, and oversee the whole purchasing transaction up to and through closing. 

schaumburg family of four sitting on porch after purchasing a houseRepresenting Home Sellers in Cook County

Although you might initially think only of homebuyers when you consider the need for a real estate transaction attorney, home sellers have an equally important need for strong, trustworthy legal counsel. Many responsibilities during residential real estate closings typically fall on the seller, which is why it’s so critical for these individuals to have someone to turn to when things get confusing. 

Mr. Kaplan helps home sellers by reviewing the sales contract and likewise advising of necessary changes. Our law office also helps obtain the title for the property and oversees the transfer of title after the sale. 

When you’re ready to sell your home in Schaumburg, our law office can assist you and ensure the process goes smoothly. Sellers have to deal with many details and small matters in real estate transactions, which means even the slightest mistake can cost you time, money, and potentially even your buyer. We can help keep things running smoothly during the weeks you spend under contract by reviewing legal documents, helping you complete closing checklists, and providing insight and advice where needed. 

Real Estate Law for Those Building a New Home 

If you and your family are building a new home, you are inherently facing challenges that other homebuyers do not. 

Real estate attorney, Robert Kaplan, can assist you with your new construction by reviewing zoning laws, addressing construction loan issues, and proofreading contractor agreements. For things to go according to plan, you must receive legal advice before you purchase land and build your new home. Unfortunately, failure to do so can mean a loss of time and money—and it can potentially even stop the construction of your new home! 

While building a new home in Schaumburg doesn’t have to be difficult, you need to follow the rules and be conscious of any “red tape” that might arise. To avoid any potential pitfalls, it’s always best to contact an attorney before beginning your home-building process. 

compass pointing towards the word solutionCommercial Real Estate Law in Schaumburg 

Our real estate lawyer, Robert M. Kaplan, also represents buyers and sellers involved in commercial real estate transactions. 

Commercial real estate dealings can be exponentially more complex than residential transactions simply because of the amount of money involved, so it’s wise to have a seasoned legal professional who you can lean on when the paperwork gets complicated. 

If you need help with your commercial real estate deals, our law office can review your contracts and the zoning laws for your area. We can also help you schedule property inspections and attend your closing appointment as required by the lender. Whether you only need a little legal advice here and there or need an attorney who will guide you every step of the way, our law office can help your commercial property real estate proceedings run smoothly. 

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Are you a buyer or a seller with questions about your real estate transaction? Do you need help with additional real estate law issues such as foreclosure, title insurance, or a short sale? Our legal team is here to make your residential or commercial real estate transaction easier. 

If you retain our Schaumburg, IL real estate attorney, you will have a professional on your team looking out for your best interests and whose advice can simplify your transaction. We help with small matters, first-time purchasing questions, multi-million dollar property sales, and everything in between!

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