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Gavel surrounded by paperwork and money One of the most pressing issues for many people going through a divorce is how their property will be divided. What will happen to your house, your bank accounts, and your retirement accounts? You want to know that you are going to be able to walk away from your marriage with your fair share. That is why it is important to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer and advocate from the Law Offices of Robert M. Kaplan, P.C., in Schaumburg, Illinois.

What Equitable Division Of Property Means

Equitable division of property does not necessarily mean an equal division of property, although a 50/50 split is often a good starting point. However, to make asset division truly fair, it may require an uneven distribution, such as a 55/45 split or even a 60/40 split. Among the factors to be considered are, each party's income, retirement and savings accounts, as well as marital and non-marital property. We will carefully review your case and work hard to pursue the outcome that makes the most sense for you.

Property Division Does Not Exist In A Vacuum

All issues in divorce are intertwined. Asset distribution cannot be looked at on its own. It needs to be looked at in relation to everything else, particularly income, alimony and child support. For example, it may make sense for one spouse to take a larger amount of the property instead of alimony payments. We always look at the complete picture before moving forward, and that picture includes:

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