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Why Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer as a Buyer?

December 22, 2021
Posted By: Schaumburg Attorney Robert Kaplan
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In the state of Illinois, you are not required to have a real estate lawyer to purchase a home, like you are in other states like New York. However, that doesn't mean that you don't need one or that it wouldn't be helpful to have one.

To understand how a real estate lawyer can benefit you when you are trying to buy real property, it helps to understand what a lawyer can do for you in this instance.

Services Provided By Schaumburg Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate attorney can provide a wealth of services to the client they represent during the purchasing of real property. From the start of the process to the finish, your attorney can provide advice, review documentation, investigate the title, negotiate on your behalf, prepare all the paperwork and file the necessary documentation, and more.

A real estate attorney can handle as much of the process as you want. For example, if you are not interested in understanding the market, laws, and sale process, an attorney can handle all of that for you.

The primary benefit that a real estate attorney provides is security. In addition, having a real estate professional review your contacts and documentation will help ensure they are error-free, fair and that all fees, costs, and services reflect market value.

In the long term, a real estate lawyer can save you money, especially in more complicated circumstances where knowledge of the law is critical. Instances where a real estate lawyer will be helpful to you include:

  • Land and zoning issues
  • Building new construction
  • Purchasing historic constructions
  • Completing a short sale
  • Addressing known property disputes, ex. neighboring structure encroaching on the property

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