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How is child support delegated?

May 15, 2016
Posted By: Robert M. Kaplan
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When a relationship ends, the children remain. Most parents want to take care of their kids in the very best way they can, but of course, finances are always a great concern when planning for your child’s future. The child support process can be a difficult one to navigate. Knowing your rights, what you are entitled to receive, what you are required to pay, and visitation rights with the child are murky waters for most people.

If you are seeking a child support attorney in Hoffman Estates, Robert M. Kaplan, PC can help you navigate through the red tape and uncertainty of seeking fair support for your child.

Child support is based on several factors

Your gross income and the co-parent’s gross income will be a starting point for negotiations. Child support should be fair, but also provide for some of the expenses that children require.

What is the custody arrangement between you and the co-parent? How much time that your child spends at each resident will impact the amount of child support awarded.

Who pays the medical and dental expenses for your child? If one parent is paying the bill on your child’s healthcare and dental care, this could impact the amount of money that determines child support.

If you or your co-parent have incurred expenses for your child’s education, this will also be taken into account during child support negotiations. Tuition, books, and sports fees may all be a part of the determination of the final judgment.

Childcare expenses can really add up. Who pays the bulk of those expenses? Since childcare is often essential in order for parents to work, it will also be taken into consideration when determining child support.

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Of course, it is important to keep the child’s best interest in mind and ensure that above all else, they are taken care of. If you have further questions on child support, please contact our Schaumburg IL law firm

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