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Do I need a specific reason for requesting a divorce?

A common question from many people seeking a divorce is whether they need a specific reason for requesting the divorce.

Illinois Is a No-Fault State

Today, including Illinois, most states are known as “no-fault” states when it comes to divorce. This means that the reason generally cited is simply “irreconcilable differences,” and no other explanation is expected or needed by the court.

On January 1, 2016, Illinois became truly “no-fault” with the passage of Public Act 99-90, eliminating any kind of fault-based grounds for divorce.

Regardless of why you are requesting a divorce, it is a good idea to hire an attorney. Robert M. Kaplan is an experienced divorce lawyer in the Schaumburg area, and he can guide you through the divorce process.

Working with an Attorney During Divorce Proceedings Makes Sense

There are several reasons to work with an attorney during a divorce. The division of assets can be complicated, and an attorney’s advice can be invaluable. Child custody agreements can be confusing, and an attorney can help ensure the best for both parents and children.

Using a Schaumburg divorce attorney will help ensure your interests are protected during this emotional time. Having a lawyer can also reduce stress because mistakes are less likely to happen with a professional handling divorce paperwork.

Working with an attorney can also help make sure the divorce proceedings happen on time, and unnecessary delays do not drag the process out. Contact our Schaumburg law firm for a consultation.

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