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How do I qualify for an uncontested divorce?

If you are planning on or even considering filing for divorce, it is essential to decide whether your divorce should be filed as uncontested or contested.

How to Determine if an Uncontested Divorce Is the Right Step

Uncontested divorces can help streamline the divorce process for couples who qualify, but they are not the right fit for everyone. To help determine if filing an uncontested divorce is the best choice for you and your spouse, consider the following:

  • Are you and your spouse in agreement about wanting a divorce? It may sound simple, but the most critical question to ask yourself is if both parties are indeed in agreement about wanting a divorce. If one of you is not committed or has reservations, an uncontested divorce will not be successful
  • If you have children together, do you agree on how parenting time will be divided? One of the most common disagreements during divorces is how to divide parenting time. If you both agree beforehand, filing an uncontested divorce can save you considerable time that may otherwise be spent arguing
  • Have you and your spouse decided how to divide your assets? Along with parenting time, disputes regarding how to divide physical and financial assets are typically key problem areas in contested divorces. Parties of uncontested divorces know beforehand how joint assets will be handled
  • Are the elements of your divorce relatively straightforward? The simpler your overall situation is, the more likely it is an uncontested divorce is right for you

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