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What is a no-fault divorce?

A no-fault divorce means that either spouse can file for divorce without indicating fault. This type of divorce means that the marriage has become broken and reconciliation is impractical and not in the best interest of the family.

As of January 1, 2016, with the adoption of Public Act 99-90, Illinois became a no-fault state in terms of the divorce. Public Act 99-90 has eliminated any kind of fault-based reason for a divorce. No longer can either party state a reason such as an infidelity or cruelty as a reason for filing for divorce. The only reason now for a marriage that has broken up is because of “irreconcilable differences.”

Advantages of a No-Fault Divorce

There are advantages to no-fault divorce, including a lack of stigma as to why a couple is divorcing. Without public blame toward one spouse, negative feelings between the parties may be lessened. With a no-fault divorce, the spouse who files for divorce does not need to explain why the marriage has failed or provide any proof that it should end.

No-fault divorce often helps eliminate or lessen the bad feelings between spouses, since there is no blame for the divorce that is recorded publicly.

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