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What happens after mediation settlement?

Mediation is a highly structured procedure meant to resolve a divorce without immediately moving to a contested option that takes place in court, where a judge decides the final settlement. Instead, with mediation, both parties hire a skilled attorney to act as a neutral third party. This person becomes your mediator and works to achieve a fair settlement on which all parties can agree.

After your divorce mediation settlement, both parties will sign an agreement settling issues such as the division of assets, child arrangements, and spousal maintenance. The parties then submit this agreement to the court for final approval.

Does Mediation in Schaumburg Always End in A Settlement?

Mediation is a process that encourages settlement without resorting to an expensive and lengthy courtroom drama. Mediators like Robert Kaplan, P.C. are skilled communicators able to work between parties during divorce negotiations, taking the time necessary to find common ground. 

When they can bring two opposing sides together, then a settlement becomes possible. However, in the end, the court is the only official authority and will decide whether or not to follow the recommendations your mediator has achieved.

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