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What are the common stages of mediation?

The process of mediation typically occurs in five steps. These stages are critical to the success of mediation as they provide a framework for discussion and problem resolution.

Opening Statements

Each mediation will begin with the mediator's opening statement, during which they will establish the goals and boundaries of the discussion. Both disputants will have their opening statements afterward. 

Joint Discussion

During this phase, both parties will discuss the issues at hand with the assistance and guidance of the mediator. 

Private Discussion

Both parties will discuss with the mediator separately. During which time, the mediator will provide impartial advice and challenge both parties to consider the opposition's wants and needs. 

Joint Negotiation

The involved parties will begin to negotiate the terms of their agreement. During this phase, parties are typically kept apart until both parties come to a resolution. The mediator will act as negotiator for both parties.


If the parties reach an amicable solution and are ready to resolve their issues with an agreement, the mediation can close. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the mediator will work with the parties to decide if more mediation is required to reach a solution.

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