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How are child support amounts determined?

We must consider a number of factors when calculating child support costs during a divorce. Part of the process includes the incomes of both parents and identifies any discrepancies that may require additional support when caring for your children.

How Child Support Amounts Are Determined 

In most cases, child support needs to take into account any additional expenses beyond the regular day-to-day care of your children.

These may include:

  • Private school tuition
  • Public School Fees
  • Medical and dental costs
  • Extra-Curricular Activities, including Sports fees and equipment
  • Special needs (therapy, counseling)
  • College fund contributions

Raising children is a significant expense and can create hardship after divorce if not handled properly. The decisions you make now may impact your finances for years, or even decades, to come. An experienced attorney can help present a fair and realistic proposal for child support that allows families to flourish, even after divorce.

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