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Simplifying the Probate Process in Illinois

June 14, 2020
Posted By: Robert M. Kaplan, P.C.
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Unless you are an attorney or have recently had a loved one pass away, you are probably unfamiliar with the probate process in Illinois. Probate law is not common knowledge for most people, and the legal process of sorting through a decedent’s assets can quickly become complicated.

Luckily, knowledgeable estate attorneys like Mr. Robert Kaplan are available to help clients learn about probate in Hoffman Estates. If you need to speak with a probate lawyer, we invite you to contact our law firm at (847) 845-9477 to schedule a legal consultation.

How can an attorney help me?

After a person passes away, remaining family members must deal with that individual’s assets and debts. Probate courts exist to help make this process run more smoothly and to guide family members or those in charge of a deceased individual’s estate as they distribute funds, pay debts, and allocate assets. 

To someone who has never been involved in the probate process before, handling an estate from start to finish can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

A probate attorney can help by simplifying the process and explaining essential steps and milestones throughout probate, such as proving the validity of a will and managing the estate left behind. 

An attorney who is familiar with probate in Hoffman Estates can also help you plan your estate while you are still alive. While it may feel a little morbid to legal prepare your assets years or decades before you expect to die, having these matters in order ahead of time will ensure your family can carry out your wishes when the time does come. 

When should I get started?

If you would like help organizing your assets and planning your estate, you can enlist Mr. Kaplan’s assistance at any time throughout the process. 

If you’ve had a loved one pass away and believe you will need legal advice regarding their estate and how to proceed through the probate process, we recommend scheduling an initial legal consultation as soon as you can. The probate process can last for months or even years, so it’s best to have the help of a knowledgeable attorney as early on as you can.

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