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Did You Fall For These Myths About Alimony?

February 23, 2018
Posted By: Robert M. Kaplan

In a divorce proceeding, issues such as custody and finances are often contentious—particularly when it comes to alimony. There are a lot of myths surrounding filing for spousal support, which is also known as alimony. Let take a look at some of these myths to ensure you are prepared for a meeting with your alimony lawyer in Rolling Meadows, IL.

Myth #1: Alimony Is No Longer Relevant in Today’s World

In today’s modern world, many wives also work during the marriage, but it’s just as common for one spouse to put his or her career on hold for the sake of the children. Familial obligations take the place of
resume-building work experience. When a marriage dissolves, this usually puts the primary caregiver at
an earnings disadvantage.

Myth #2: Wives Always Get Alimony from Their Husbands after a Divorce

There may still be a wage gap between what men and women earn, but there are plenty of women who are the main breadwinners of the household. Stay-at- home-dads have also become less of an oddity in recent years as more fathers decide to stay home to care for the children. The legalization of same-sex marriage also puts a wrench in the gender-specific stereotype.

Myth #3: If You Fight Payment of Alimony, You Are Selfish

Couples who are divorcing have their own unique set of circumstances, and it’s sensible for both parties to protect their own assets to ensure the ex-spouse doesn’t get more than they are entitled to. Just because a spouse didn’t work during the marriage doesn’t mean he or she is not able to.

Myth #4: If You File for Spousal Support, You Are Selfish

The dissolution of a marriage often puts one spouse at a financial disadvantage, and they might need spousal support to survive. Spouses who spent time managing a household instead of pursuing a career are particularly vulnerable. Filing for alimony is not selfish—or weak.

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