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5 of the Most Common Reasons Why People Hire Attorneys

February 23, 2018
Posted By: Robert M. Kaplan
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There are myriad reasons people hire attorneys, and most people in Hanover Park, IL, will find themselves in need of an attorney at least once in their lives.

These are some of the most common reasons people might need to hire an attorney.

#1. Estate Planning

Estate planning has to do with protecting the assets one has today in the future. People want to have a plan in place for the wealth they have accumulated to protect themselves and their loved ones. Everyone dies eventually, so estate planning is smart. Those who pass away without a plan in place will be subject to state laws, and your assets may not be distributed the way you would like.

#2. Family Situations

The most common situation under this umbrella is divorce and matters surrounding it, such as child custody, spousal support, and division of property. Family law attorneys can also handle guardianship matters as well as adoption.

#3. Criminal Defense

Those who have been charged with a crime need a lawyer to protect their rights. People who cannot afford a lawyer have the right to have one appointed for them. Those who can afford an attorney will likely hire a private criminal defense attorney who specializes in criminal cases.

#4. Accident or Negligence

When someone hurts someone else, either by accident or through negligence, it is considered a civil matter. The person at fault did not hurt the other person purposely, so he or she is not charged with a crime. There can often be quite a bit of money involved in these cases, including medical bills, replacement of vehicles, and repair of property damage so it’s wise to hire an attorney.

#5. Business

Most people who are in business will find they need an attorney, whether it is for forming the business, writing or disputing contracts, taxation, or other legal issues. From a small business contemplating the formation of an LLC to a large corporation considering a merger, an attorney’s advice is necessary.

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