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What happens if my spouse doesn’t sign the divorce papers?

If you are considering getting a divorce in Schaumburg, you might have specific questions about how the process works or what to do if your spouse is uncooperative. The situation can feel especially challenging if your spouse refuses to sign your divorce papers. 

When your spouse doesn’t agree to a divorce or is unwilling to sign the initial papers, you can usually still file for a divorce, and the court will work with your situation. In most cases, judges do not require divorce papers to have signatures from both partners for the divorce to move forward. 

As the case proceeds, you are legally required to “serve” your spouse with copies of the divorce documents. You can choose to pay a private process server or private investigation company to serve the divorce documents, or you may want to reach out to the sheriff’s office for help. 

After receiving official copies of the divorce filing through proper service, your spouse will have a window of time where they’re required to respond to the divorce proceedings. 

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The difficulty, length, and cost of the divorce process ultimately depend on your spouse’s cooperation and how your particular judge wants to handle the events. Having the help of a family law attorney can help you get through the proceedings more quickly and help you feel more at ease about the process. To schedule an initial consultation with our Rolling Meadows law office, call us today

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