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When Filing for Bankruptcy May Not Be the Best Option

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If you have debts you are struggling to pay, you might have considered bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has serious consequences, and it should not be a decision that is made lightly. It will stay on your credit report for up to a decade, which will make it difficult for you to obtain loans or rent an apartment. It could even impact your ability to get a job as some employers now run a credit check on potential hires. You should also keep in mind that a bankruptcy will not discharge all debts; child support, student loans, and most taxes will generally not be discharged with a bankruptcy.

Talk to a ...

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What Is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance, which is referred to as alimony or spousal support in some states, is money one spouse is ordered to pay to the other spouse in the event of a divorce. Orders for maintenance might take place during or after the divorce is final. It is generally ordered by the court so the spouse with a lower income can enjoy the same standard of living both spouses enjoyed during the marriage.

The Different Types of Spousal Maintenance

One type of spousal maintenance is paid from one spouse to the other until the death of the one paying or the remarriage of the one receiving the money. For instance, ...

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Tactics for Filing Bankruptcy

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If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you should first consider whether or not bankruptcy will turn out to be an advantage in your situation. Decide first whether other options, such as negotiating with your creditors, would more advantageous for you. If you think bankruptcy might be your best option, you should contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Schaumburg who can give you solid advice for what is involved in the process.

Things to Consider Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

First, you need to decide which type of bankruptcy best fits your needs and your situation. There are two types that most people file: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. With Chapter 7, ...

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Why Should I Get a Prenup?

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the notorious prenuptial agreement, or “prenup” for short. Common among celebrities as well as the average Joe, a prenup is an agreement that is executed prior to marriage to determine who gets what if there is a divorce. Yes, it sounds like a romance-killer, but the truth is, divorce rates are high and if you do get divorced, having a prenuptial agreement can make a divorce go much more smoothly be determining the division of assets ahead of time. And it will hopefully save you some money in the process.

Today we’ll talk about why prenuptial ...

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The Three Types of Child Custody

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Unfortunately, when parents split up, children are often left in the middle. Because it can be an emotional time, it can often be a good idea to hire an attorney. If you are looking for a child custody attorney in Hoffman Estates, we are here to help. 

Three Categories of Child Custody 

  • Sole custody
  • Visitation
  • Joint Custody

Sole custody means that one parent will have total and complete custody of any children. This is common in cases of abuse, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, or criminal violations. It can also be the case for parents suffering from mental illness or who are emotionally incapable of providing children with safety, the essentials, and emotional support. Even ...

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How is child support delegated?

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When a relationship ends, the children remain. Most parents want to take care of their kids in the very best way they can, but of course, finances are always a great concern when planning for your child’s future. The child support process can be a difficult one to navigate. Knowing your rights, what you are entitled to receive, what you are required to pay, and visitation rights with the child are murky waters for most people.

If you are seeking a child support attorney in Hoffman Estates, Robert M. Kaplan, PC can help you navigate through the red tape and uncertainty of seeking fair support for your child.

Child support is ...

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Why Are Divorce Lawyers Necessary?

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Divorce is a highly emotional time that revolves around many unknowns. Because your emotions – sense of loss, failure, freedom, possibilities, and uncertainty can cloud your vision, it is often a good idea to have an advocate on your side. This is especially true if your spouse is being verbally abusive or vindictive, making it impossible to come to reasonable conclusions on your own.

Hoffman Estates Attorney

Our Hoffman Estates divorce lawyer will guide you through the process of making sure you are treated fairly during the divorce process. Here are some of the reasons you may decide to hire a divorce attorney.

Your spouse has one.

If your spouse has a divorce attorney, ...

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