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How Do I Qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you are thinking of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Schaumburg, IL, it is important to first know if you qualify for filing. As with all bankruptcy filings, there are certain criteria that must be met.

Common Requirements for Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You must be an individual: Only individuals are eligible to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Businesses, even as sole proprietors, cannot file this type of bankruptcy.  

You must file your taxes regularly: When filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you will be required to show proof that you have been filing both federal and state income tax returns for a minimum of the past four years. If you ...

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce, you know that the process can be a difficult and emotional time for the parties involved.

While there may be no way to eliminate pain and sensitive feelings from divorces, many couples can streamline the process and cut down on costs by agreeing to an uncontested divorce. Read on to learn more about uncontested divorces and how they can provide an alternative to long, expensive divorce proceedings.

What Does the Term “Uncontested Divorce” Mean?

Uncontested divorces are divorces in which both spouses agree upon the terms of all issues relating to their divorce. Uncontested divorces are in direct contrast with contested divorces, where the spouses ...

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A Quick and Easy Breakdown of the Probate Process

When a loved one passes away, people not only have to deal with their grief, but there are legal matters that need to be attended to. Some people have heard of the word “probate,” but many people have no idea what it means or how it involves them.

The best thing to do when dealing with someone’s death in Schaumburg, IL is to contact a probate lawyer. An attorney can guide you and answer all of your legal questions. Meanwhile, let’s go over the general steps you can expect to deal with in the probate process.

The Definition of Probate

When a person dies, their assets, debts, and taxes must be taken ...

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Begin Your Estate Planning with These First Steps

It might seem like a daunting task but planning your estate doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easily broken in down into these simple steps. You should also contact an attorney about estate planning in Hoffman Estates such as Robert M. Kaplan.

Step #1—Figuring Out the Financials

There are plenty of financial ramifications in estate planning, including:

  • Figuring out your net worth
  • Deciding what you will need for an estate plan, based on your assets and your family
  • Planning to exit from your business if you are a business owner and die or become disabled

Step #2—Hiring an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is complicated, and it is important that you get a good ...

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5 of the Most Common Reasons Why People Hire Attorneys

People in waiting room | Attorney Schaumburg IL

There are myriad reasons people hire attorneys, and most people in Hanover Park, IL, will find themselves in need of an attorney at least once in their lives.

These are some of the most common reasons people might need to hire an attorney.

#1. Estate Planning

Estate planning has to do with protecting the assets one has today in the future. People want to have a plan in place for the wealth they have accumulated to protect themselves and their loved ones. Everyone dies eventually, so estate planning is smart. Those who pass away without a plan in place will be subject to state laws, and your assets may not be distributed ...

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Did You Fall For These Myths About Alimony?

In a divorce proceeding, issues such as custody and finances are often contentious—particularly when it comes to alimony. There are a lot of myths surrounding filing for spousal support, which is also known as alimony. Let take a look at some of these myths to ensure you are prepared for a meeting with your alimony lawyer in Rolling Meadows, IL.

Myth #1: Alimony Is No Longer Relevant in Today’s World

In today’s modern world, many wives also work during the marriage, but it’s just as common for one spouse to put his or her career on hold for the sake of the children. Familial obligations take the place of
resume-building work ...

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What You Should Know about Division of Property

In divorce situations, couples who are not able to agree on how to divide marital property may seek the help of a mediator or a lawyer. If the still cannot come to an agreement, a judge will decide. Illinois has specific laws about dividing property for all couples, including those in Hoffman Estates.

In the state of Illinois, the law requires the fair division of property, but that doesn’t necessarily mean equal. Let’s take a look at what is considered when it comes to division of property.

What Is Considered Relevant in Division of Property

When a couple is in court facing a judge who is going to make decisions for them, ...

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